Mindspot is a global full service marketing research company offering innovative hybrid and mixed online research methodologies to get our clients answers. Mindspot specializes in online marketing research and has been in the business of providing research online since 2006. Our current online focus groups were one of the first available focus groups using the online methodology with both consumers and business clients.

Our online marketing research surveys and online focus groups are conducted every day. We specialize in thinking fast and using rapid online responses to provide consumer insights when our clients need them. Typical projects for the market research team at Mindspot are online advertising testing and online copy testing. We offer questionnaire design and development, programming, hosting and analysis that can even include advanced statistical testing. We can recommend the number of people to survey – often referred to as the sample size and design a research study that delivers you valuable insights. Whatever your research needs are we relish the opportunity to provide you with a proposal which meets your objectives.

Mindspot Inc., doing business as Mindspot Research is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is certified by the state of Florida as a 100% Female/Minority Owned Business.  Mindspot, Inc. conducts business in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

  • Full-service, technology-driven online research company
  • Innovative solutions that reach today’s fast-paced market
  • Unique Hybrid Research Solutions for Business to business (B2B), Business to government (B2G) and Business to consumer (B2C) customers
  • Proven, fast and reliable results

What we can do for you:

  • Provide actionable results and recommendations to improve your business
  • Bring innovation to your research
  • Supply actionable insights to drive your business
  • Save you time and money $$$
  • Nurture our business relationship and show our value with every project


Contact us for more information. We are happy to answer any research questions and provide our methodology recommendations for your specific projects.

FL Supplier Diversity Certification