Mindspot Research Online History

Mindspot was founded in 2006 by principal owner Lynnette Leathers who has a Fortune 500 corporate Marketing Research background and Marketing Research experience with consumer marketing research and business-to-business marketing research. She is a seasoned practitioner of both qualitative and quantitative marketing research methodologies, including being a RIVA-trained focus group moderator. In 2006 Lynnette developed a proprietary online focus group platform and after a successful launch, Mindspot, was incorporated in Orlando, Florida in 2007.

The quantitative side of the business, which provided online surveys on an accelerated timeline, grew as quickly as the online focus groups – driven by quality work, conducted on-time and on-budget, referrals, and repeat business. Online focus groups are a popular service offer at Mindspot and due to the cost savings they are becoming an attractive alternative to in-person focus groups.We know how important your research projects are and we are here to help you succeed.

Mindspot Research’s success is built on sustainable relationships, business ethics and always doing the best job possible. It is one thing to be a business partner and it is quite another to build a sustainable relationship based on consistent customer service, value-added results, and predictive in-market performance. At the end of the day – we are successful when our customers are successful.

As a result of our growth, Mindspot has increased the human resources available to ensure our customers and their projects receive personal attention and have one point-of-contact who keeps them informed and on schedule. We have dedicated project management, technical support, programming, tables, analysis, reporting, and three online focus group moderators on staff. We are a small boutique research company and dedicate our time to your projects. We know how important your research project is, and we are here to help you succeed.

We love our customers and would like to thank them for continuing to work with Mindspot Research, supporting Mindspot by sending us referral business, and providing testimonials about our work and the benefit we provided for their company.