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Mindspot Research has a variety of services and they fall into these broad categories: Full Service Marketing Research, Customer Experience, Patient Centered Needs Research, Operational Excellence & Business Improvement, Behavioral Analysis, C-level and Executive Services, Strategic Planning and Business Consulting and Creative Branding Insights. These services are detailed below.

Mindspot™ Services, Tools, and Products are what you need to achieve your Goals and meet your Business Objectives

Full Service Marketing Research

Our Marketing Research Services are customized to meet your needs. Combined the Mindspot Team has hundreds of years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Mindspot is one of the only remaining first-to-market online focus group offers. We use a unique 2-moderator approach which sets us apart. That and the quality participants, moderation, reporting and recommendations that will get you the answer you need and help grow your business. We’ve been doing this for a long time and you can count on it that, “we’ve got this.”

 – Qualitative

  • Focus Groups, Ideation Sessions, Customer Advisory Boards
  • Online Focus Groups, Virtual Ideation Sessions, Customer Online Advisory Boards
  • Interviews – One-on-One, Skype, Top-to-Top, Executive, Consumer, Individual

  – Quantitative

  • Advertising Testing, Ad Testing, Commercial Testing, Anamatic Testing (via Embedded Videos, Streaming)
  • Image Continuity and Brand Congruency Services
  • Concept Testing, Market Testing, Proof of Concept
  • Package Testing, Product Testing
  • Econometric Testing
  • Copy Testing, Text Highlighter, Three Pen Test
  • Surveys – Employee, Customer, Client, Executive, Consumers, Teens, Tweens, and Kids
  • Online Surveys – Employee, Customer, Client, Executive, Consumers
  • MindTrack® – Consumer, Client, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Six Sigma Analysis, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Key Driver Analysis
  • Marketing Research Plans, Continuous Customer Feedback Loops, Innovation Process
  • AB Testing, Pre and Post Measurements, Media and Marketing ROI, Website Usability Testing

  – Statistical Analysis

  • Choice Modeling, Discrete Choice Modeling, Conjoint Analysis, TURF Analysis, Decision Trees, Price Modeling

  • Modeling Simulation

  • Customer Segmentation, Consumer Segmentation (Multi-Variant, Cluster, Factor, Discriminate, Regression, and Correlation Analysis)

Customer Experience

  • Consumer and Customer Behavior, Perception, and Emotion

  • Voice of Customer

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Use

  • Customer Needs Analysis and Needs Assessments

  • Customer Profiles, Day in the Life of Your Customer (Video/IRL)

  • Client Advisory Board – Creation, Moderation, Facilitation

  • CustomerForward® – Business and Marketing Research Planning and Consulting, Project Governance, Virtual Project Management, Project Coaching.

Patient Centered Needs Research

  • Qualitative Patient Needs Exploration, One-to-One In-depth Patient Interviews, Patient Diaries

  • Quantitative Patient Surveys, Clinical Study Evaluations, Patient-centered Clinical Trial Design

Behavioral Analysis

  • Motivational Analysis, Behavioral Marketing Analysis, Behavioral Marketing

  • Observational Research, Ethnographies/Ethnographic Research, Video Customer Profiles

  • Social Behavior Analysis, Social Media Analysis

C-Level and Executive Services

  • Value Chain Mapping

  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Guidance

  • Market Feasibility, Decision Analysis, Go/No Go Criteria, Market Sizing, and Customer Retention Assessment (for instance M&A) MindOnline™

  • Customer Journey Mapping, Linking your Customer Journey to your Value Chain to create the optimal Customer Experience

  • Executive Board Moderation, Investor Board Moderation

  • Top-to-Top Executive Interview, Ideation Sessions

  • MindTrack® Executive – Organization Value vs Cost Assessment

  • Executive Research Concierge

Operational Excellence

  • Organizational Design

  • Organizational and Process Efficiencies, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Process and Capability Maturity Assessments

  • Six Sigma Project Identification

Strategic Planning and Business Consulting

  • Strategic Planning Workshop – Culture, Values, Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives

  • Innovation Workshop, Creativity Training

  • Project Prioritization

Creative Branding Insights

  • Provide creative insights for your new company brand

  • Brand Positioning Testing, Tagline Development, Tagline Testing

  • Brand Audit, Brand Development, Brand Architecture, Brand Story, Brand Re-positioning Assessment

  • Naming & Branding Research

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