Video Customer Profiles – Video Diaries

This hybrid methodology uses all of your existing primary research and finds existing secondary research. This is created by blending observational research, empirical in-market, and in home (if applicable) observation of your customers using your product or service. We typically include videos and provide the report in a video format to bring your customer right into your building.

  • Get to know your customers on a more personal level.
  • Bring your customers to life and let everyone in your company get to know them on a more personal level
  • See your customers talking about, purchasing, and/or using your product or service
  • Psychographic, demographics, social, and online understanding of how to best understand, position your offer, and reach your customers

Client Testimonial

“Clear customer profile information extends beyond marketing, it touches every function of the company, helping the company make better and more consistent decisions.  I would recommend Mindspot’s customer profiles to anyone who would like to get to know their customers better.”

– Melissa Rademacher, Director of Marketing Vanity &


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