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@Mindspot we all agree that being happy is one of the keys to success. Now science is helping us reprogram our brains to achieve happiness. Read on for our featured blog on focus groups, the most popular and well-read on our website, and our top curated business content picks. We can’t forget that October is home to one of the World’s oldest holidays. Mindspot’s got you covered on all things Halloween.  

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Focus Groups In-Person or Online

At Mindspot Research, we are all trained focus group moderators; we conduct both in-person focus groups and online super groups. We find that every year we conduct more online focus groups and less in-person focus groups. There are so many benefits for both clients and participants that it is impossible to ignore the benefits that technology brings.

Science Says You Can Reprogram Your Brain

The people who are the happiest are those who seem to be able to enjoy whatever is going on at the time. Who doesn’t want to learn how to experience more joy.  

The History of Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is one of the World’s oldest holidays? A time of celebrations and superstitions, and the second largest commercial holiday in America.
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