Online Focus Groups

Moving from Face-to-face Focus Groups to focus groups online allows for seamless integration with online surveys, reducing the amount of time it requires to conduct multiple phases of research.The flexibility of Online Focus Groups allows for more sophisticated and current research techniques than in the past.  They are an ideal for website usability, product and packaging design exploration, idea generation, concept exploration and better understanding brand positioning. We offer Professional Focus Group Moderators and feature a unique two-Moderator approach to ensure that all of the important and probing questions get answered.

Here are some quick facts about Online Focus Groups:

  • Save time and money $$$
  • Get feedback fast & in real-time
  • Clients can view groups in the “virtual backroom” from the comfort of your home or office
  • Explore ideas, concepts, and products with your customers and stay ahead of your competitors
  • Ideation, positioning & concept testing, story boards, ad testing, and full commercial streaming
  • Candid feedback from your customers/target market to improve your offerings
  • Avoid “disconnects” with the people who matter most – your customers


Mindspot’s Online Focus Groups Benefits:
  • Increased participant anonymity – can lead to more in-depth/open responses
  • Multimedia integration and interaction
  • Increased moderation control without any disruption to group
  • Convenient for participants – no time wasted on travel
  • Viable option for busy professionals – quality respondents are more likely to participate
  • Affords people who may have difficulty with mobility or illness to participate
  • Reduces cost $$$
  • Travel costs for the clients or moderators are eliminated
  • No costs for facility rental and food
  • Client travel time away from home and work will not be a factor
  • View in the office or in your home
  • Use a PC or a MAC with no software download required

Our Process


Recruiting takes place within a matter of days, not weeks. By leveraging online household panels, we recruit even the most difficult to reach populations in the least amount of time. We can get participation from your customers and recruit business to business focus groups successfully with our proven recruiting methods. Business people have a high response rate for our online focus groups because they can participate from their home or office.


Moderating Online Focus Groups are guided by a professional moderator, just like in-person groups. The moderator prepares a discussion guide in advance of the group which is uploaded to the application. Our software supports many projective and probing techniques used by moderators such as card sorts, lists, creative exercises, games, etc. A typical online group runs from 90-120 minutes.

Virtual Backroom

Clients can view groups in the “virtual backroom” from the comfort of home or office

Online Platform

Online Platform Anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser can take part in our engaging online focus group experience!


Complete transcripts of each session are provided within 24 hours of the final group. The final summary report is written by the moderator at the end of the final group on the topic and will include key learning and recommended next steps.


Transcripts and recordings of each session are provided immediately following each group. The format for the transcripts is Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint which can be easily manipulated to review the data and incorporate it into a final report, provided by the moderator of the group.

Client Testimonial

“I have been involved with traditional focus groups for years and was a little apprehensive at first with an online focus group. However, after experiencing 2 online focus groups I would recommend this process over the traditional any day. Surprisingly the participants created a bond with each other right away and the rapid responses without speaking over someone was incredible and filled with value. Not a single participant sat back and we heard from everyone. Typing appears to take away any status issues and everyone participated equally and wanted to give input. The informational value I received through the online focus groups far surpassed other methods and at a fraction of the cost and time.” –

– Craig Reilly, CEO, PlusOne Solutions, Inc.
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