Accelerated Naming Research and Branding Research

When naming a company, developing a new product or brand, or expanding into a new market, research can provide insight into the market and even define the market. It can help you determine if a need for your product exists and establish the best market positioning in your customer’s mind relative to the competition. No one wants the customer to think it’s a tomato when it’s a carrot.
Use our process to:

  • Understand what is most relevant to your customer right now.
  • Represent your company, product, or brand more accurately.
  • Position in a better way than your competition.
  • Define your best market.
  • Capitalize on Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).
  • Get it right… and get it right now
  • Start and launch new and better business processes, tips, and other resources.
  • Get tips, key insights, and other resources to crush your competitors.
  • Get your products and/or services to market fast.


Client Testimonial 

“Mindspot was able to lead a group of independent thinking high-level executives through a new company naming and branding process that resulted in a descriptive company name along with a successful brand launch at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show.”

-CFO Diamond B

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