MindTrack™ – Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey and Tracking

Mindspot Research provides customer satisfaction surveys with a loyalty component providing insight into customer retention and customer value. MindTrack is our proprietary methodology.


Custom-designed surveys measure what is relevant to YOUR business and include:

  Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Index

 Net Promoter Score

 Customer Effort

  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  Six Sigma Project Identification

  Quadrant Mapping and Statistical Testing

  Discover insights, strengths, and opportunities for your products & services

  Track performance over time, competitive landscape changes, and consumer trends

  Provide clear direction to drive future improvement

  Show support for the relative value of your company or business and show improvements over time

The Mindspot Team designs a custom Customer Satisfaction questionnaire that includes all the basics necessary to measure satisfaction and loyalty. We measure by attributes and business requirements that are important and relevant to your business.

We help you understand how loyal and satisfied your customers are. We also identify your business strengths as well as areas where your company may have opportunities to improve. We believe that Customer Effort may be more important than a Net Promoter Score.

The methodology utilizes Six Sigma to identify the areas of improvement that will make the most impact to your Customer satisfaction and Customer loyalty.

Mindspot’s MindTrack™ Benefits:

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