Online Text Highlighter for Copy Testing

Internet-based, this online text highlighter methodology provides the same level of detail that you obtained from face-to-face focus groups using a three pen or 3-pen testing. The new text highlighter integrates seamlessly with our custom online survey platform. Respondents highlight copy that they like in Green, Yellow and Red. This simple copy testing methodology provides clear copy and content direction and optimizes your content. It’s a great way to find key messages for market positioning or banner ads. Test direct mail, online content and advertising and get feedback that is projectable across your market. Mindspot will recommend the optimal number of respondents for your copy testing. We’re also fast!

Highlighter for Copy Testing Conducted online is easy to understand.

  Respondents highlight copy that they like, find confusing or dislike in Green, Yellow and Red.

  Using the highlighter feature copy that is appealing or resonates with your target audience or target market is highlighted in GREEN.

  If a respondent marks the copy in YELLOW it indicates copy that is potentially confusing.

 RED indicates a clear opportunity to eliminate or improve the copy.

 Cost effective $$

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