Mobile Ethnography and Customer Experience (CX)

We have an app for this! Mindspot’s mobile ethnographies meet consumers on their terms to capture authentic, in-context, in-the-moment behaviors and insights. These insights are helping brands better understand their customers and identify unmet needs with a more cost-effective approach than traditional observational research techniques.


Our process captures consumer experiences in a non-intrusive way that allows you to get more value from your research on a smaller budget. We can take hours of unedited videos, consumer diaries, photos and purchase receipts to uncovered findings that have never been observed in controlled research environments. This methodology is particularly useful for working with patients to understand their needs or to watch the interaction of customers with products or services. A new Mindspot Client recently said, “This is more valuable than anything we have done for the brand this year.”

  Get to know your customers

  Bring your customers to life and let everyone in your company get to know them on a more personal level

  See your customers talking about, purchasing, and/or using your product or service

  Psychographic, demographic, social, and online understanding of how to best understand, position your offer, and reach your customers


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