Online Surveys

Online Surveys are our core competency and Mindspot does them every day. We take surveys seriously. Mindspot offers online surveys that can deploy to our consumer or business panels anywhere in the world, or we can email a survey to your customer list.

We can conduct online surveys anywhere in the world – your list or ours

Questionnaire design & development – ask the questions right and get the answers you need

Data collection and analysis

Actionable results and recommendations

Fast – save time and money $$$

Mindspot can design or help you develop your survey based on the kind of information, marketing, and business insights your company requires.
We send out the survey, collect the data from the survey, analyze it, and provide actionable results and recommendations for next steps. When we propose a research methodology and design, we suggest the best sample size for your population. We calculate the sample (base) size that will get you statistically reliable results. This is particularly important if you are conducting research and considering a product or advertising claim. We provide complete data tables (tabs) and statistical analysis.

In addition, we provide a Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement with all the key components of customer satisfaction which can include mean scoring, regression analysis, correlation analysis, quadrant mapping, customer satisfaction index, net promoter score (NPS), and even Six Sigma project recommendations based on variation and performance.

Our most popular are: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Surveys and Tracking, Attitude and Usage (A & U) Surveys, Concept Testing, Advertising Testing (Ad Testing), Copy Testing, Positioning Research, Tagline Research, Company Naming Research, and Branding Research.

Mindspot’s Online Survey Benefits:

Client Testimonial 

“I count on Mindspot for innovative approaches to many of my research needs. They couple thorough implementation plans with top-notch project management. They are a great resource for online surveys, conducting them quickly and delivering results on time and on budget.  Mindspot understands what customer service means – It continues to be a pleasure to work with them.”

-Director of Brand and Consumer Insights Denny’s Restaurants

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