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SunDance is a multi-channel print and marketing solutions company with a printing focus and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that boasts a distinctive assortment of equipment perfectly paired to give their Customers the advantages they want and need. SunDance is known as one of Florida’s best printers and doing whatever it takes to make sure every single job goes as smoothly as possible, from design and production to finishing and shipping. However, their commitment goes far beyond, including developing strategies, design tools and automation systems to further cut costs and ensure brand consistency for their Customers.

Mindspot CustomerForward™

Mindspot CustomerForward™ Customer Experience In-Depth Customer Interviews and Customer Experience surveys are utilized by progressive companies like SunDance to create the opportunity to gain additional insights into their Customer’s Experience and their Journey with SunDance. Allowing companies like SunDance to have a truly Customer-Driven Strategy and go beyond Customer Experience to building a better relationship and creating Customer Intimacy.  SunDance committed to putting their Customer in the driver’s seat and commissioned Mindspot Research to learn more about key areas to guide strategic decisions, business process choices and prioritize improvements.


SunDance is located in Orlando, Florida and has a Customer list that includes big brands like:


Mindspot Research conducted In-depth Executive Interviews with a sample of SunDance Customers to gain an understanding of the Customer Experience from the Customer’s perspective. The summation of the wide-ranging, in-depth discussions with SunDance customers was completed in 2016 providing SunDance with honest, actionable Voice of the Customer feedback.


Customers were asked questions that included traditional satisfaction (overall how satisfied are you?), loyalty (would you purchase again?) and net promoter (would you recommend) questions as well as questions that are now relevant in today’s face-paced market, including Customer Effort (how much effort does it take to do business with SunDance? How easy is it? Is it the amount of effort that you would expect?) And how does this compare to other companies like SunDance (relative performance).  Customers were also asked to consider a number of statements and how important they are as well as SunDance and other competitor’s performance.

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