Fox Interview Highlights New Age Technology for Improving Retail Store Operations

Mindspot™ client salesfloorLIVE™ believes that knowledge is power, and this May 14th on Fox’s 21st Century Business, retailers can discover this new power to improve their store operations and the opportunity to realize a dramatic increase to contribution margins.

The interview, scheduled to air at 4:30 p.m. EST, features salesfloorLIVE CEO Scott Roller, explaining how the company’s business intelligence platform works with any traffic counting system in retail store chains to improve operations and solve the operational visibility issues that frustrate so many retailers.

Lynnette Leathers, President of Mindspot™, a research and business solutions company, has provided services for salesfloorLIVE since the company’s inception. “When we began working with salesfloorLIVE, we saw the potential they had to virtually re-shape business analytics by delivering access to all the key data retailers need, including retail store traffic, conversion rates, sales per hour-performance by a sales associate and service intensity, all in real-time.”

Leathers added, “Today, after proven success with a 200 store national chain, they are poised to put savvy retailers on a fast track to success. With the ability to measure performance against objectives, increase sales staff productivity and optimize each store’s labor schedule to match the traffic opportunity, the results are measurable and they have the case study to prove it.”

The concept is being hailed by industry experts as a true next-generation productivity tool that can take any traffic counting system and integrate it with other critical metrics so other retailers and store operations personnel can make better decisions in real-time. Unlike competing BI platforms designed primarily for executive management reporting, salesfloorLIVE’s powerful, easy to navigate dashboards and graphics allow each employee, from the Sales Associate to the CEO, to track live and historical KPI data across the entire hierarchy and monitor individual performance against store and overall enterprise goals. Sales associates will now have the power to improve their performance and learn best practices from those who are performing at that level of performance.

Steve Ligeti, salesfloorLIVE President and General Sales Manager, shared his enthusiasm as well. “Using broadband connections that are already in place, virtually anyone in an organization can analyze individual performance in every store. With salesfloorLIVE, everybody wins… retailers increase their contribution margins, employees increase their productivity and the customer enjoys a higher level of customer service.”

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About salesfloorLIVE™
salesfloorLIVE is a business intelligence tool for the retail industry that delivers real-time visibility to store operations, traffic opportunities, individual and team KPI metrics, performance-based scheduling, and predictive analytics. For more information, visit salesfloorLIVE at:

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