Helzberg Diamonds Chooses SalesFloorLIVE.com Business Intelligence Technology

SalesFloorLIVE.com announced today Helzberg Diamonds is deploying the SalesFloorLIVE.com business intelligence technology in its stores across the nation. Helzberg made the decision to choose SalesFloorLIVE.com based on its ability to provide visibility into store operations and key quantitative data, including store traffic, store conversion, sales per hour and service intensity. This information was not previously available, which prevented managers from fully understanding what was happening (or not happening) in each store. With this data, management actions to maximize opportunity, drive sales and improve operations could be identified, prioritized and implemented according to the operating profile of each individual store.

“Retailers that deal with a broad span of control know that transparency into what is really happening in each of its stores is premium data,” said Mitch Maggart, Sr. VP Operations. “We researched a number of companies and concluded that SalesFloorLIVE is the most powerful, user-friendly business measurement and management tool. Following a proof of concept, we were impressed by the information it revealed. For the first time, we could see a true total picture into each of our store operations and understand immediately how the store was performing. Now we have the capability to make both real-time and long-term store operations and sales performance improvements that are based on what is happening in each store.”

Orlando “Butch” Jagoda, VP of Helzberg Diamonds’ Information Technology stated, “Helzberg’s culture includes measuring and recording everything. What was missing was the integration of that data in a way that would give us the power to make intelligent productivity decisions. The SalesFloorLIVE.com technology collects traffic and other related key performance indicators (KPIs) and correlates all this data into actionable dashboards (information/visibility) at all levels of the organization. Now, everyone who is authorized can see each store as it is operating on a real-time basis. This allows the store managers to make changes as the day is progressing in order to increase their performance and not miss out on traffic and sales volume that is being presented to them. We have transparency now that did not exist before.”

“Customer opportunity is a terrible thing to waste,” said Scott Roller, CEO of SalesFloorLIVE.com. “The unique features within the salesfloorlive.com technology deliver a concise picture of each store’s volume and performance. We are extremely delighted to have Helzberg Diamonds join our team, and we look forward to delivering the capability to improve their store operations and support their long-term success.”

“We looked at a lot of models and I can say SalesFloorLIVE has it right,” added Jagoda. “They have the right price that is affordable on a per-store basis and it is extremely flexible. Operationally, we will now be able to evaluate the effectiveness of our operations, our marketing, our advertising, our sales associates, and our clientele traffic patterns.”

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About salesfloorLIVE.com
SalesFloorLIVE.com is a powerful business intelligence technology design that works with a multitude of traffic counter systems in retail store chains. This high-performance platform delivers real-time remote visibility to your store operations. The ability to measure performance against objectives, increase sales staff productivity while optimizing each stores’ labor schedule to traffic opportunity, and utilize predictive analytics to drive higher growth in customer value, are just a few of the technology benefits. Up-to-date key performance indicator trend comparisons can be mapped across the entire hierarchy of each chain to assist in driving sustainable organic growth through increased operating expertise. To learn more about salesfloorLIVE go to www.salesfloorLIVE.com or email sales@salesfloorLIVE.com

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