MINDSPOT_Bullet_med Great Strategy is Informed by Great Data.

Mindspot knows that the driving force behind the sustainable leverage of a business is understanding the experiences and stories of its customers. It is our job to tell those stories.

As a team of strategists, social scientists, researchers, thinkers, story-tellers, and even some dreamers, we will work together to ensure the questions you have, have answers that are actionable.

We believe in fostering a relationship of collaboration and ingenuity among our business partners. It is our goal to facilitate our long-term clients in measurable growth and development, offering support and guidance in the process of change.

Experts in both B2B Research and Consumer Insight Research, Mindspot’s offers include Customer Experience Research and Design, using insights to drive strategy in the C-level and Executive Suites, Strategic Visioning with our Ideation Workshops, Creative Branding, all based on our core competency of Marketing Research and Business Analytics.

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  • Marketing Research: We make research an art form. Our research team knows Quantitative, Qualitative, Statistical Analysis, and Consumer Behavior like the back of their hands. We guarantee, you have questions that need to be answered—we can find the solution. With a statistical significance that you can take to the bank.

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  • Customer Experience: Knowing your customer’s perspective of your brand is worth its weight in gold. Understanding and building business strategy on data-driven voice of the customer input and customer insights increases your chances of success. Our Customer Experience Expertise and Customer Experience Analytics can help you improve your business, focus and solve problems. We offer a proven methodology called MindTrack™ which includes customer, employee and supplier surveys and executive interviews for a comprehensive feedback loop for Voice of Customer Analysis, Customer Satisfaction and Key Performance Indicators, Six Sigma project identification, Focus Analysis as well as Customer Advisory Boards, and Customer Behavior.

  • Patient Centered Needs Research:  The conscientious and caring team at Mindspot are familiar with the FDA’s 21st Century Cures Act and using a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies we facilitate and collect Patient-Centered understanding, feedback and input for various stages of Patient-Focused Drug Development.

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  • C-Level & Executive Services: The needs of Senior Executives are unique—tasked with the job of building, sustaining and growing value, process and methodology matter more than ever. Mindspot provides strategic consulting services catering directly to the goals and mindsets of Executives. From Value-Chain Mapping, Merger & Acquisition guidance, Market Feasibility, MindTrack™ Executive—Organization Value vs Cost Assessments, and Executive Research Concierge, we have your next strategic move covered.

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  • Operational Excellence: When it comes to dotting i’s and crossing t’s, it’s critical that your process is clear and efficient. We get that. Which is why we use data to drive the process—helping you to hit your mark, Every. Single. Time. Services like Organizational Design, Organizational and Process Efficiencies, and Process and Capability Maturity Assessments work to make sure your process is directed and done, almost before you even start.

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  • Strategic Visioning: Here’s the thing, coming up with the next new thing isn’t easy. But we can make it look easy. Our Innovation Workshop and Creativity Training teaches your team to be out of the box thinkers. We use an algorithm to determine the best creative team composition and apply methodology and process discipline to ensure you get the ideas that are truly have the potential to grow your business. When matched with our Strategic Planning Workshop, we take those out of the box ideas creative ideas and turn them into action.

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  • Creative Branding: We know the importance of a really good story. A good story brings people in, captivates their attention, and demands their loyalty. Building the storyline of your brand doesn’t have to be done in the dark. We provide data-driven insights to inform your Brand Positioning and Development, shedding light on your first or next chapter.


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