Accelerated Naming Research and Branding Research

When naming a company, developing a new product or brand, or expanding into a new market, research can provide insight into the market and even define the market. It can help you determine if a need for your product exists and establish the best market positioning in your customer’s mind relative to the competition. No one wants the customer to think it’s a tomato when it’s a carrot.

Mindspot has a unique interactive ideation process that gets all stakeholders in alignment on business objectives, company mission, values, and in-market expectations. Additionally, we use a proprietary exploratory research modality to help you define your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and differentiation strategies. In short, we provide comprehensive market research to help you size and scope business opportunities.

    Use our process to:

  • Understand what is most relevant to your customer right now.
  • Represent your company, product, or brand more accurately.
  • Position in a better way than your competition.
  • Define your best market.
  • Capitalize on Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).
  • Get it right… and get it right now
  • Start and launch new and better business processes, tips, and other resources.
  • Get tips, key insights, and other resources to crush your competitors.
  • Get your products and/or services to market fast.

Client Testimonial

“Mindspot was able to lead a group of independent thinking high-level executives through a new company naming and branding process that resulted in a descriptive company name along with a successful brand launch at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show.”

Scott Roller, CFO Diamond BDiamond B Technology Solutions Logo



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