Google Wished me a Happy Birthday!

Google wished me a Happy Birthday today by having a special Google Doodle—my home page is set as a default home page to Google. When I clicked on the Google Doodle it defaulted to my Google+ page reminding me that it is my birthday! And, if you have a Google+ account they might put up a Google Doodle for you too.

It was the right day

Yes, they got the date correct. I am torn. Is this creepy or awesome? I netted out on awesome because I choose to accept that it’s a reality that they, like many of my other favorite brands, know my birthday. We do live in a world where search engines, apps and retailers know your personal details and it’s because we share them. Bloomingdale’s sent me a loyalty special, Sunglass Hut believes $30.00 off would help me have a new pair of sunglasses and Anthropology showed up with a Birthday discount that can be used any time this month. Even Orlando Sports Chiropractic, a place I frequent as a cyclist, wished me a Happy Birthday.

These brands and businesses know personal details and they are using them responsibly and earning my trust. And, as many of us know, good relationships are built on trust.

Google is at least taking the time to program my birthday wish to appear on the correct day. They are doing the work to build a relationship between the brand that is Google and me. And, it’s working. I was delighted with the personal touch. Even, though I know it is programmed. I know it is mass personalization. However, I am brand loyal—Google is my home page—they give me free stuff like Google Analytics and a Gmail account. And I like them a little bit better this morning. Yes, it’s because they wished me a happy birthday!

Sure there are things that could make me like them more, like if Mindspot Research was number one when people are searching for strategic marketing or marketing research. Or if our website’s page rank would move up to a better rank on page ranker.

However, I understand that, like all relationships, it is going to require me to do the work optimizing our SEO, writing a blog or two to increase our chances of being found or maybe even buying a few Google Ads to improve our SEO.

Lynnette LeathersGoogle wished is the CEO of Mindspot Research 

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