Conducting Marketing Research with Children: Legal and Ethical Considerations Plus Tips from Experienced Researchers

Mindspot Research conducts research with many different age groups.  We work to consider those who participate in our research (participants), and it is important to us that we take special consideration when conducting research with kids. When we say kids:  We mean children, READ MORE

The Omni-Channel Customer and the Challenge of Showrooming

Have you ever made a trip to a store specifically to see a product and decided not to buy it? There are many factors that can contribute to this such as the retailer not having the item in stock, the product didn’t meet READ MORE

Meditation for Creation and Innovation

The topic at Mindspot Research this month is Innovation. This month we have blogged about how your loyal customers can be critical to your innovation process because the idea could be in their mind.   We have also considered how Innovation is a READ MORE

Survey Design and Tips on How to Ask a Good Question

Survey Design and Tips on How to Ask a Good Question

When determining your target audience or gauging their perception of your product or service, a well-designed, carefully thought out survey can be the key to success.  But (there is always a but), the survey has to be executed and analyzed correctly in order READ MORE

Online Focus Groups – Focus on the group, not the location…

Whether you’ve actually conducted one or not, you’re probably familiar with focus groups through commercials or TV shows: A group of people sitting around a table engaging in discussion about a product led by an enthusiastic moderator while every detail is observed from READ MORE